Helping Others

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?' - Brian Tracy

So, what is the moral of the quote above? Am I trying to tell you that if you expect something from others that it is wrong?

The answer us no, I am not trying to tell you that a person who wants something in return will be unsuccessful.  Also, I don't think it is wrong to expect things from others, the reason I put the quote there was that it reminded me that one of the keys to success is teamwork.  Even if you don't work in an office or you are not on a sports team- you can still be part of a team. 

I am sure some of you are just shaking your heads at this crazy blogger and wondering what the heck is she is talking about?  

Well, I am talking about helping out others- when you help out those around you, it allows you to be part of something bigger than just your self-fulfilling desires.  If you take the time to at least help 1 person everyday without expecting something in return you will not only feel better about yourself, but you will be part of a team of people that are working together by helping out others. 

Too often we become involved in our own lives, because life gets busy, and we forget that our story isn't the only story that matters in this world.  Trust me, I know how busy life gets- as I am typing this blog it is 2:35am- yep that's right.  Our family is busy, my husband and I both work full-time, and we have 3 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats - so...deep breath....yes! I know how busy life can be.  It seems as though I ever have enough time in the day to complete my to-do-list, but I do make sure to take time in my day to do something positive or helpful for those around me. 

So, you are probably thinking that I have really lost my marbles by now-huh? What does this have anything to do with a successful business?

Well, maybe I have lost my marbles and maybe I never had any in the first place. 

I met with a potential client this past week over coffee to discuss a possible business opportunity and ended up learning more about him than I did about the business.  I learned so much about this person in only 2 hours, and let me tell you- they had been through just as many struggles if not more than most people probably have.  After, we met we were walking out and they mentioned to me that they were so grateful that I took time out of my day to meet with them.  Then they apologized for getting sidetracked and discussing their challenges.  I told them that there was nowhere else that I would have wanted to be and that I really enjoyed getting to know them.  The moral of what I am trying to get out there is that I didn't expect a sale, a contract or a deal out of the meeting.  I left with a smile on my face and was genuinely happy that I met with them that day.

Old Downtown Scene


Ultimately, what I am trying to present to you this week is that we have try and understand those around us to better understand ourselves.  As a small business person I understand the importance and value of time and money, but I also understand that I am not the only one struggling to make it work.  I look around at the world and the industry that I work and love and I see so many people that deserve to be listened to and acknowledged. But, I don't think that we should only communicate through social media or email.  Yes, social media and email are my life and my job.  But I continue to remind myself that I am not in my computer and I am not in my phone, I am in a world full of dreamers just like myself.  I can take time to help and really connect with those around me, and I can do little things that may not seem much, but mean more to others than I may realize.

So, even though my life and love is the online industry, please try to take a moment to connect or help someone out around you.  They will  remember what you did to help, they will share the happiness with others and you will feel good about helping out.

Remember, the most successful people may have gotten to where they are by helping those around them.  So, maybe you will get something in return, who knows?  Try the best you can with what you have and if you can do some small thing everyday for a person, you will feel more successful as an individual. 

Keep staying true to yourself and try to help others, because they might help you when you need it most.  

Thanks for being part of my journey!